Minecraft Server file - Where is it and can we load a saved copy?

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  1. I tend to reinstall MC quite a lot and so need to keep adding in all the SMP servers.

    Is there a file somewhere that holds the server list and can we replace it with a copy of one that has all the SMP's on it?
  2. There most certainly is. :)
    In your .minecraft folder is a file named server.dat you must copy and paste the file itself. If you try to modify it, it will not function.
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  3. Many thanks that man! :)
  4. No problem. I have modified my minecraft over 10K times now... I am very well versed in correcting issues. :)
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  5. Mr Minecraft 3rd Party Addons guy, do you know if there is a program to modify that file?

    I keep hearing that the files are saved in some specific format, and it would be nice to reorder the lists w/o having to delete and readd every server.
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  6. It doesnt look like it should be too difficult to fiddle around with if you can succesfully open it.
  7. Perhaps this is something EMC can host as a way to get people into the other servers? A server.dat file with only the EMC SMP's in numerical order with Utopia on the end.

    Would be a nice touch I think.
  8. Sadly, not that I have been able to locate.
    If you open it with a text editor and adjust it, it does not have any impact on the server list...
    I will host a file for everyone to make it simpler. :)

    The order is:

    Just unzip the file and drop this into your .minecraft or /library/application support/minecraft/ folders and this will make it so you don't have to put in the EMC servers yourself. :)

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  9. You should get the file hosted somewhere on the Empire Guide under the Servers tab.

    "Want to connect to all the EMC Servers? Download our Server file and replcae your one with it!"
  10. Twitch, mind if I nick that file for the wiki? :)
  11. Go ahead. :)
    I have an updated one as well. :)
    This new one changes the addresses to empire.us ;)

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