Minecraft Runs out of memory?

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  1. Capture.PNG

    Computer specs:
    This happens multiple times a day, any help or suggestions is appreciated.
    Thanks :)
  2. Use a lower res texture pack, turn down viewing distance, and don't run other unneeded programs.
  3. Run normal viewing distace, and a 16x texture. No other programs are run :confused:
  4. Change the file extension to .bat (Right click and hit edit)
  5. Dont have that option :/
  6. Sorry - My mistake - right click and hit Rename
  7. Second it is downloaded it auto deletes it so im "protected" :/ the things you have to do to stop MC from bein dum....
  8. Simple:
  9. No im not!....
    I am
  10. I am :)
  11. That part means that it has to be in the first folder that you go into after opening the C drive. Click Computer in the start menu, then double click on "Local Drive (C:)" and place the file in there.