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  1. Minecraft is getting a retail boxed edition, and is also being ported to the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. As somebody who is about to buy a Playstation Vita, i'm excited :p There are currently very few games for it at the moment and I think Minecraft would fit in very well with the console :3

  2. What's retail?
    Sorry I'm not very good with shops outside of EMC.... Kind of
  3. Retail is being sold in stores ^.^
  4. As a ps3 user, I am very excited for this. I loved mc on my friends xbox, and cannot wait to love it on ps3.
  6. At the moment, this is only for the Playstation 3 version and will eventually be for the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita port when they are released (I would assume sometime in June - August). Who knows, they might bring out a PC version on retail and an Xbox 360 one soon. Maybe one for the planned Xbox One port? :3

    TL;DR: EMC shouldn't be partying over this because its Playstation 3 only for the moment :p
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  8. BOO I want Minecraft for 3DS. Then I can play Minecraft while I play Minecraft! \o3o/
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  9. NZ has had Minecraft for 360 for a few weeks now? i don't understand.

    the console versions are very primitive compared to the PC version. Redstone being the main difference.

    I could care less about the consol version. Though I am a PS3 gamer also, minecraft on the consol is a waste of time. :) IMO
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  10. Judging by the Lets Plays! on youtube for console, I'd be pretty good since all you do is craft an inventory of something you don't need a lot of in one swift motion. (Buttons, crafting tables, 8 stacks of torches)
  11. As the Console versions were started much after the PC version, it's understandable that they would be behind. (The Xbox version is up to a 1.3/1.4 mix I think)
    However, the console versions have been bringing their own stuff to the game as well, such as transparent skins, splitscreen etc. They have a lot of features that the PC version doesn't.
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  12. I don't think Minecraft on the 3DS is possible :p The Vita is almost as powerful as the Playstation 3, and the 3DS is quite weak - Y'know, because Nintendo and everything? :p
    I would love to have transparent skins on PC - splitscreen not so much. It just wouldn't work :p
  13. If there was split mouse and keyboard, I think split screen would just need 2 chairs, and the cost of a lot of lag.
  14. Lol I I'm not looking for a fanboi argument, but I don't think it's that weak. I think it would be interesting to see Minecraft on a 3DS or a Wii or something. If they didn't put Minecraft itself on a nintendo system then do like they have for pocket and other games and just make a single player version except it actually have adventuring and crafting in it.