Minecraft on Xbox Multiplayer [HARDCORE] [8]

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  1. Hello guys I am looking for players that want to play hardcore survival on xbox minecraft and maybe we could make a youtube series out of it if someone has a recorder ( I don't ) and I would like if someone else could host it cause I don't have the best connection >_< ( I am strict NAT type :( )
  2. At the moment i have Twitch1 that has joined me, would anyone else like to join before we start? :)
  3. i got a friend that got that game on xbox :D
  4. Xbox live GT?
  5. I need to get an Xbox.
    And I need to get one NOW.
  6. We will make a time when we get the amount of players needed.
  7. Yes I need you to message me your gamertag so I can add you. but you must have minecraft.
  8. deleted by me
  9. i will!
    invite me!!
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  10. Right now we have AlexChance, Twitch1 , Mrsmiley99 & I doing this adventure ^_^ I won't be able to host it cause Mrsmiley and I can't connect to each other... :(
  11. Yes we can?
  12. And I could host I have good connection
  13. can you get on xbl right now? :)
  14. i'll join, GT badmansimon, wont be on till tonight though.
  15. Hey! My GT for XBL is in my signature. I suggest everyone who uses Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition makes a similar signature to make it simple for us to find each other. :)

    Skilled, send me an email when you get everyone together. I should be able to make it tonight. My medication is not so strong today. :)
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  16. OMG I was playing alone and I found a cave after the 2 veins I found in my mine and there was cobblestone placed in there already.. I was like umm wtf?!@ and then I explore and such... and there are things already mined I am like wth? so I explore some more cause I was curious.. then I stand still and I hear someone digging I am like wtf did someone join me? I check, just me... so I go to the end of the cave and there... is someones base.. on a world I just created this morning.. only I have played on it.. and there is another base?! Is this Herobrine or something?!
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  17. says that GT isn't real.
  18. I am jealous of everyone who has this on xbox =[
  19. It is only 1600 microsoft points ($19.99 USA)
  20. game is awesome :)
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