Minecraft of Xbox!!!!

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What it a good decision?

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Yes 7 vote(s) 58.3%
No 5 vote(s) 41.7%
  1. Whats up guys? So if you seen the title. You know whats it about =)...what do you guys think about it. Do you think it should have been left on pc? Maybe it will be just as fun on xbox? who knows?..Lets try and see some votes so we can see weather it is a good idea or about idea.
    Feel free to give you opinions.
  2. Xbox will be fun cause maybe I can run some of my setting on high for once.
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  3. Tell me about it bro. Thats what im excited for...no fps worries...ill actualy know what its like to see past 10 blocks =D
  4. No. If I post too much on this thread, I'll start flaming at Mojang about how stupid it was for them to sign the Microsoft agreement.
  5. Will xbox players and pc players be able to play together?
  6. Probably not. Depending on agreements, they may or may not be able to, but guys think about all the stuff you enjoy on the computer version of minecraft: Mods, Crafting with ease, shift clicking, a fast and easy to use keyboard...
    And then imagine if it can be moved to the xbox:
    The keyboard will make chat very, very slow.
    There will be no mods unless you modify the xbox's functions
    How the ******xD would you "shift click" or split stacks???!?!?
    Crafting will be like drag 5 spaces, drop, drag another 5 spaces, drop, drag even more, drop...

    Overall I have to say, THIS IS A BAD IDEA!
  7. +1
    Think of all the stuff you use to play mc on a computer...
    And then remember that xbox controllers DON'T HAVE IT.
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  8. I'm not sure. I have some console gamer friends who hate playing pc. If I could play with them I would. Just because it will be different doesn't mean they shouldn't do it. Just because it is there doesn't mean you have to use it =p

    as far as chat goes - that is an easy fix. Use voice chat.

    as far as controls go - I'm sure they will work it out. And people who play MC on xbox would probably look at a pc version and be like - how am I supposed to play with that. It is just what you get used to.

    As far as mods - Personally I don't play using mods. I am perfectly happy with my plainly vanilla game!

    It is not like it could have a bad effect on the pc version. No one is going to force you to use it! I dont see there really being a down side to it. I just see it as a way to bring new people into the wonderful world of MC :)
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  9. The problem is that they probably won't be able to play with us PC people... So we can't bring them to the wonderful world of EMC :(
  10. If people would play together Minecraft it would be awesome!
  11. they will not be able to play together.. in fact.. as far as Mojang is handing out, there will not even be a server aspect. Just simply like the pocket edition is now, you invite friends over xbox live or LAN and play together (up to 8 i believe) but only from xbox to xbox. no PC integration.
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  12. Yea controls will for sure be different . But as i said before. Im just glad i will be able to see further then 10 blocks ahead. I have a job but struggle to keep the things i have. And havent had the opportunity to do such a thing as buy a gaming pc, as much as i would love to ,but i have to spend money on things a bit more important. So if i can play it on xbox without having to worry about the render then why not?
  13. crafting looked to be more like terraria's system for the xbla version, and honestly the controls dont look that bad. sure no modding will be available, but for just a simple ssp or a vanilla server, i dont think itll be half bad
  14. That is to bad.