Minecraft not starting- HELP!!!!!!!

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  1. Its pretty simple, really. I started playing on some other servers, but I don't think thats the problem. Im on this website, so the internets fine. I can log into mine craft, but instead of going to Mojang screen, it goes black. Can anyone help or suggest something? I really want to play some MC hunger games and Im so BORED.
  2. Helooooo.....
  3. do you have any mods installed? If so: force update your mc and reinstall them correctly
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  4. I don't have any mods installed on that client
  5. I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I Force Updated and it WORKED!!!!!
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  6. As long as you realize force updating wont allow you on this server.
  7. "Have you tried turning it on/off again?" -ShaunWhite1982

    Just try it, if not time to mod my friend :) Better to learn now before modding Api.. Google modloader and Optifine.. watch youtube learn how to succeed, WIN..

    If its not even that it could be you have a lot of programs open and not enough RAM
  8. Theres no new update
  9. Could be because they took the server down for net difficulties.
  10. Yeah as Mein said, no new update. All Force Update does is basically re-downloads a clean MC.
  11. I've not been paying attention to the releases. Just saw the "Do not Update" on the front page. :p
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  12. The whole client, not server
  13. I can Start minecraft but cant get on EMC on my lap top, it works on my computer but i cant get on any time my computer any time i want, can some one tell me what to do?
  14. Try double checking the address you're using.
  15. 1.3 is coming out on aug. 1st:)
  16. Do you mean EMC minecraft, or the website?
  17. Lol, I was going to suggest force updating, but I guess somebody already answered that for you and it worked :p
  18. I can get on the website (or else i wouldn't be able to post stuff) i cant get on the severs them selfs :(
  19. ill try that, ill also try using the opisite sever ip. (EmpireMinecraft,com-Empire.us)
  20. You can also just delete you bin folder in %appdata%\.minecraft\bin. When you restart MC it forces the game to do what was said above.