Minecraft.net Error (READ)

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  1. So before people start making tons of thread about not being able to connect to minecraft.net, Theyre servers are down, and if you go to their website, it says "Our servers are working a bit too hard, please come back later"Dont panic, it isnt only you, and nothings wrong with your minecraft.
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  2. Ok good thanks I was about to go like, The end is near! The end is near!
  3. Theyre probably working on it right now because everyones spamming their twitters XD
  4. Its fixed
  5. Is it? Mine isn't working yet?
  6. Patience :)
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  7. Yup. I just download a map called SkyGrid to keep me busy in the meantime xD
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  8. It'll come back up soonish. Until then, it's just a waiting game. However, feel free to edit the wiki while you wait! :) *hint hint*
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  9. Ya, its up :3
  10. wel its a good thing i missed this drama becouse i would have therone the computer out the window

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  11. Guys just go on minecraft.net and play in browser! (Tried it yet?)
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  13. ........
  14. LOL
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