Minecraft.net Currently DOWN!

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  1. Hey everyone.

    The Minecraft.net session servers are currently down, meaning everyone will have a hard time connecting to ANY Minecraft servers. Nothing we can do to fix this, just have to wait it out while they fix their stuff.

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  2. Firsties!

    Thanks for the updates
  3. Darn it, No EMC:( I wonder if this means their in the process of updating minecraft to 1.3!?! I hope so!!!
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  4. Thankyou for reassuring us, we thought you put tnt on somthing again ;D.
  5. Thanks for the info. i was just trying to get on a server
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  6. Thanks I checked minestatus so I knew but its nice to know the staff is always monitoring and is able find the problems very quickly as I happened to me only a few minutes ago. :) Keep up the good work :) EDIT: lol sorry not minestatus minecraft-status.net
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  7. So this is why :/
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  8. I say we all blame Jeb.
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  9. I was just starting to get worried that I couldn't get on to emc
    Thanks for the updates
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  10. Its not my fault this time : P
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  11. not to be mean or anything, but the servers are lovely at the moment, next to no lag without any of you online :)
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  12. I can connect to all servers fine apart from EMC.
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  13. I can see this on the original post lol :D
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  14. Don't look at me!
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  15. You can? :\
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  16. 1.3 isn't till August... :p
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  17. Ugh I was about to post that too.
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  18. If this is true, they have their servers set to "offline mode". While we COULD do that, we never will. Those with a bit of tech savy could mask themselves as an admin or moderator and do a lot of damage to residences, town, etc.
  19. Really?? I heard a lot of people saying it was coming out late June or early July. I must be wrong then :(