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  1. I am not alowed (As far as I know) to get WinRAR or 7zip. This makes modding minecraft impossible...:mad: Could someone mod a minecraft.jar for me with Single Player Commands, and Nature Overhaul? Would that be legal? I have a way of modding, but I always get the Done Loading screen. :( Please Help!
  2. Well i use Win RAW 32 bit to get Too Many Items it should work if you find a legit file of WinRaw. It's all over the intenet you sould find one.
  3. That would be illegal, your not allowed to distribute the files in minecraft.jar. Just use one of the automatic modders that put the files into the MC.jar for you.
  4. Ok my dad got me 7zip! :D
  5. does minecraft crash when u use mod?
  6. 7zip is free...
    Is it not?
  7. No it doesn't if you do it right
  8. I don't disrebute the minecraft.jar file. I am not comiting any crime of the sort. I never would commit a crime in the first place that's what winRAW does for you. It put's in mods for you.
  9. this is misleading

    You are not allowed to SELL minecraft. Modding the .jar file for someone that can't is not illegal. And even if it was i'm 99.9% sure the people at mojang wouldn't care
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  10. this thread is pointless.. winRAR is free, it may ask you to buy it but you can just close out of the payment window and use it anyway, if you bought 7zip, I'm sorry but that was stupid. Anything on the computer is free, you just need to know were to get it, im not saying download it illegally, I meen games, their are free trials, and programs for modding,coding,ect, are free, I'm a moder and coder, and I've never payed for a program besides windows vista. lol and where did all this legal stuff come into action? exchanging minecraft.jar isnt illegal, nor is it against the rules of mojang, they just state NOT TO do it on their forums so they dont have to worry about you geting a virus and losing your account and sueing them.
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  11. i got a feeling his issue isn't how much it costs it sounds to me he can't just download what he wants.
  12. yeah but then he said he dad bought it, and I'm on my school laptop right now, rigged to now download anything that we dont need for class's, and I've downloaded minecraft,winrar,skype,yahoo messanger, ect :p
  13. he said his dad "got" him 7-zip not bought it

    and it might be hard to believe but some people actually follow the rules they are given and ask for permission before they just decide to do something
  14. :p, well im not use to not being able to download w/e I want, because I have my own desktop at home and always do whatever I want on it :p, but on these school laptops its pretty simple
  15. I got 7zip for free.