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  1. So my minecraft is opening, logging in and playing fine. But... I have no minecraft.jar on my laptop. No texture packs folder. I need some help to work out what the problem is. I know where to find my minecraft file but it is not there. I would prefer help from someone with proper experience in the area. But if someone can give me answers that would be great.
  2. Please if people want to see something from Miner Co. Constructions I need help. Please!
  3. Open Terminal.
    Type in:
    cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/
    push return
    type in:
    ls -a

    If you see .minecraft in the following wall of text, we have determined the problem. :)
  4. Any other OSX related needs you have, I can usually help you out. :)
    I am running Snow Leopard on my 24" iMac (Late 2010)
  5. No .minecraft in the wall of text. Anything else?
  6. Also you should be running Mountain Lion. Sooo much better. I have an 11" MacBook Air (mid 2011)
  7. Mountain Lion costs money and I have none... :)

    So, no .minecraft... hmmm
    My suggestion, do a Google search for missing minecraft folder OSX 10.8

    This is the video that came up:
  8. The Minecraft folder on MacOS is just "minecraft" without the period, so it wouldn't appear at the top of the list.

    Also, it's easy enough just to use the Finder instead of a terminal.
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  9. Things changed drastically in OS X Lion and Mountain Lion :p
    It no longer works the way it did in Snow Leopard.

    This is a conversation I had with hayleycolgan on April 8, 2012:
  10. Fair enough. I don't have any direct experience, just from what I saw in tutorial videos like the one you posted.
  11. what i did was i clicked on the wallpaper so ur in the finder, or just go in finder :p go to go in the top menu, then go to folder, keep that up, then open up mine craft, do options, and copy the user/ mine craft and all that into the little go search bar
  12. im uploading a video right now on how to do it, ill post it
  13. double click bakcground
    click Go in the top
    click go to folder
    type ~/Library
    application support
    there should be a mine craft folder in there
  14. This my problem the minecraft folder does not exist. And so I am wondering why my minecraft still has mods and texture packs. I bassically wiped my laptop of minecraft folders.
  15. Ok, if it doesn't exist at all, it may be buried in the system elsewhere...

    Try this first:
    Go to www.minecraft.net
    Log in.
    Click the link to play in-browser.
    Then run the previous assistance efforts a second time.

    If this doesn't work, get help from Mojang themselves.....
  16. Try going into the default launcher and press Options. Under Force Update, there should be a path. Copy/paste that here and we can help you out. :)
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  17. I found the problem. My Library folder in my users folder was hidden. I forget what I typed into terminal but it worked and I will be able to post screenshots now. Also thanks for everyone who offered help!
  18. Glad everything is resolved.
    If you need help in the future, you have plenty of support from other OS X users here. :)
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  19. like me and twitch :D
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