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  1. I occasionally get good lore ideas. Figured I'd write them up and share them.
    Section One - The Origin
    Many theories exist as to the origin of the three realms, the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. Some of them speak of logical things, others speak of forces beyond our comprehension. These theories do have some weight to them, but we have gathered as much solid evidence as possible of the history of the three realms, and the races that inhabited the Overworld.

    It is said that the Testificates are descendants of some great civilization of traders and merchants, nearly completely wiped out from a zombie virus, just like the humans. The villages travelers come across are merely what remains of a civilization of traders. It is speculated that Testificates had similar architecture to humans, but these theories have not been given solid evidence as of today.

    The Pigmen were fierce warriors, and while much about them is largely unknown, as we have yet to discover any Pigmen archaeology in the Overworld, we do know that their undying love of gold was what possessed them to build the first portals to the Nether, an unstable realm hellish in nature. They sought fortune, and their greed was their downfall. As far as we are aware, the entirety of the Pigmen race was cursed, doomed to an eternity in the Nether for their lust for gold. Over time, their flesh began to rot, some of it falling off their bodies. These "Zombie" Pigmen wander the Nether in packs, and are obviously still upset over the whole "doomed for eternity" situation they had gotten themselves stuck in, attacking anything that would strike them. If you strike a Pigman, prepare for it to call for its allies to aid them. One thing adventurers note when fighting Pigmen, they are deadly if not prepared. While it is speculated that they built the various fortresses that are littered throughout the Nether, the earliest known records of the Nether do not mention these fortresses, and as the Nether already contained the Pigmen, it is assumed that the humans were the ones who built these great fortresses.

    The humans shared aspects with the Testificates and the Pigmen, but unlike the other races, they were incredibly intelligent and creative. They devised a way to trap the monsters that plagued the Overworld in magically-bound cages. However, the magic that bound the monsters to the cages was unstable, and without proper control, the instability of the magic would allow the monsters to not only be set free, but to multiply infinitely. Due to this, the humans dubbed these cages "Monster Spawners" and sealed them away in underground rooms, leaving behind offerings scattered in chests. The humans had amazing architecture, building massive cities and structures, and with their knowledge of how to use the mysterious Redstone found deep underground, built impressive contraptions.

    They were the first race to conquer the Nether, avoiding the curse of the Pigmen, and managing to survive in the dangerous terrain and climate. However, not all of them seemed to survive. Those that fell to the Nether's dangers became trapped there, their souls twisted and corrupted, becoming foul monsters that would emit ungodly screams whenever they saw other humans, and spit fire at them. These tortured souls were referred to as "Ghasts" by any human brave enough to speak of them. Throughout their travels within the Nether, they discovered alien creatures capable of spewing out balls of fire at anyone who looked at them funny. These creatures were dubbed "Blazes" by the humans, and while most were trapped within Monster Spawners, some still wander the great fortresses today. And while the exact purposes of the "Nether Fortresses" is unclear, it is assumed they were dwellings for humans who chose to live within the Nether.

    Their experience with the Nether allowed them to discover alchemy, the art of brewing potions. Humans quickly experimented with ingredients, throwing them into cauldrons and mixing them together. Eventually, clear recipes were discovered, and as the invention of the brewing stand became common, potions became much more stable and safe for consumption. It would also seem that they quite enjoyed the idea of underground fortresses or cities, as they built grand strongholds deep underground, and it was from here that they discovered black magic. They discovered that they could harvest the souls of any entity, living or undead, and then bound these collected souls to their weapons, tools, and armor to make them stronger. This process was called "enchanting," and some of these enchantments were written down in magical books.

    Then, from the Far Lands, the Endermen came. The humans called them this because they could "end one's life in a matter of seconds," as told from recollections of encounters with these creatures. The humans used their black magic, gathering the rods of fallen Blazes and crushing them into power, combining them with the Endermen's unique teleportation pearls that they would drop upon death, and built a portal to a realm they appropriately called "The End," where upon the ultimate victory over the Endermen, they banished the vile creatures to. However, some humans went through the portal, to investigate the realm on the other side. These humans created mechanical beings called "Shell Lurkers," or "Shulkers" for short, to guard their amazing cities and ships they had built out of the natural materials from the End.

    And then it all went downhill. Experimental potions went horribly wrong, turning the first who drank it into a hideous undead abomination. This zombie quickly spread its virus throughout the land, most humans fell to it, becoming zombies themselves. Skeletons came about as the flesh of zombies rotted and fell off. The humans who lived in the great strongholds where the End Portals were built quickly fled into the portal, some staying behind to deactivate the portal, so that no monster could follow them in. However, it would appear that these humans who fled into the End all died off.

    The zombie virus spread, infecting the Testificates as well, their peaceful nature leaving them completely defenseless as the zombies broke down their doors and feasted on their flesh. The two other intelligent civilizations had fallen. However, it seemed there were some humans immune to the zombie virus. These special humans were told of in an ancient prophecy, where they were labelled "The Players," who would rebuild civilization and fight back the evil that had been unleashed. They taught the Testificates how to build powerful golems of iron to defend the villages that were left.

    These Players initially worked alone, but as they discovered more of their kind, began to work together, building great cities, and helping each other survive, as they repelled the monsters whose greatest desire was to see them fall. And finally, an Empire rose up. A great deal was written about this Empire's founding. The original founders had sparked the idea, of a place where Players could live in peace, able to build in massive sections of land in their Town called "Residences," free from monsters. However, this Empire was not without its enemies. A great dragon known as Resik gathered an army of monsters to attack the Town, starting a great war that was the loss of many great Players. The two founders used their powers to fight Resik, trapping him within a tomb sealed by their very souls. They left their great Empire to a man by the name of Aikar, who quickly made sure that no monster could EVER set foot in the Town again. After the war had ended, a monument was made to honor the founders and their noble sacrifice for the safety of the Empire.
    End of Section One
    So that was the first big dump I've done with lore. Figured I'd include a nod to EMC in the end as well. ;) Anyway, what do you all think? Is it decent? Would you like to see more? Do let me know.