Minecraft Light Novel Series: Blocksdale

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  1. So... I guess a plot? Something one might read on the back of a book?

    The city of Blocksdale. Known famous for it's rare trade and valuable goods. The merchants combat with each other and battle over their prices. Some decide that their prices are fair, and others... well others decided blood is the answer. The city of Blocksdale became an arena, their feuds became so stubborn that the town was sectioned off and renamed the city that runs red: Crimson.

    A child. Born into Crimson and brought up to decide it's fate, must now battle his lifelong enemies and slay every last one. It's been 40 decades since the walls were erected, and now the reason for fighting is a mystery. Some say it's because one man slept with another's daughter, others claim that a massive run of thieving corrupted the city and turned it against each other. Alicard Banquet is now Crimson's worst enemy... and ally.

    Alright lemme know whatcha think. I'll post the first chapter accordingly :p
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  2. Sounds good! :) I'm an author too, thinking of making one of these.
  3. write it in in-game books and sell it and the following books to me
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  7. Oh sorry :p New here
  8. Actually, I'm planning on opening my own library on my res. I'll write books and you and other people can borrow them, but you have to bring them back eventually.