Minecraft isn't working (Free $$$ involved)

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  1. This afternoon, when I tried to start minecraft, It didn't work. I could log in, but after that, the updating screen popped up and the green bar was stuck at about 85%, and it wouldn't move there. It has been happening since yesterday night, and it seems to only be my comeputer.
    I will pay 500r to whoever tells me the solution that works.
    Thank you.
  2. force update
  3. For my internet, since it stinks, I can only update Minecraft if I am not doing ANYTHING else on the internet at the same time. I can't even boot up the ps3 and sign into PSN. So I would try updating it and avoid even unlocking your phone (if you have a wifi signal on it) it may be just my internet, but its worth a shot.
  4. When you load - Before logging in - Go to options 'Force update' login, See if it works.
  5. It's already 1.4, but I'll try.
    That too.
  6. The force worked, thanks. :D
    Sorry josh, but dogsrnice got it first...
  7. I explained how to do it though >.<
  8. true... I'll give u 135r. :)
  9. Sometimes I get scared when people don't know that they have to force update xD
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  10. Looks like I won't have to scare you anymore. xD
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  11. It doesnt matter if you are already on 1.4, just force update it. This is another version of Minecraft crashing. It usually has something to do with a mod being downloaded improperly, and the game not recognizing the crash screen. Trust me. I know this stuff. I have 9 mods currently. My game crashes all the time. I crashed it 6 times trying to download Mo' Creatures weeks ago.