Minecraft is down AGAIN!!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by chrisdog943, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. When i logged on with my new skin and when i was to log in again it just said can't reach minecraft.net and i tryed the minecraft site to but there it said i didnt got java but i do!What is doing on!!!!!!!!!!
  2. "Force update"
  3. Please let this be the only thread about it.
  4. does not work!
  5. I dont think it will be the only one :(
  6. oh i was online but i logged out and now i can't connect any more :(
  7. i know me to i was to change skin!
  8. The login server has restarted and will take some time to return to full working order.
  9. Login Server

    Checks if the login server allows logins.
    Service is very unstable and it is highly doubtful it will work, current success rate is: 10%
    Data is based on 1 minute intervals over the last 10 minutes
  10. Your swearing is pointless, so why not just save a moderator 10 precious seconds of their life and edit it out? :)
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  11. I forget myself sometimes
  12. They're back up, you're welcome! ;)