Minecraft Is Damaged, Please Help, Thnx (Mac)

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  1. So i opened minecraft and it asked if i wanted to install, i pressed "Not Now". Then it popped up with an error which was cut off so i didn't see it. I reopened my minecraft and the same thing happened. I then accidentally deleted the WHOLE minecraft folder instead of just the bin folder. I re-downloaded Minecraft and it would not open as it said "Minecraft is damage" and asked me to move it to the trash. Now i can't play minecraft, anyone please help and all is appreciated.
  2. hmm you might have to delete the whole client and re-download from the minecraft site
  3. What is the whole client?
  4. basically deleting the game off of your computer Ex. it will delete all your texture packs, worlds, saves , mods, etc. this wipes all the game data from your computer after this you can download a clean client but there is most likely a simpler way to fix the problem.
  5. The thing is, i accidentally did that already, now i cant dowload it.
  6. well i guess all you can try is to move it to the recycle bin then permanently delete minecraft then re-download again this might fix the problem if you haven't already solved it other than that i don't see how to fix it
  7. The thing is, now i am pretty sure that it has something to do with the fact that i have just downloaded Mountain Lion onto my mac. What should i do?
  8. I have permanently deleted my minecraft, the problem is I can't get it back.
  9. http://www.minecraft.net/download try this link it should allow you to download minecraft the only thing is it will most likely be in version 1.3.1 all you will have to do is follow this tutorial it should help
  10. Again, I am on a mac, i don't want to downgrade.
  11. you don't have to it's your choice if you want to wait a little bit to play emc then you can stay on 1.3.1 but if you would like to play emc today or tomorrow whenever then downgrade again your choice not mine. without downgrading you will only be able to play single player as i don't think any server's have upgraded to 1.3.1 yet and i don't know of any who have
  12. Try this.
  13. I have fixed the problem everyone :D Thank you to all who helped out.
  14. I am having the same problem after having recently downloaded mountain lion. What did the trick to resolve your issue?
  15. I am guessing you are on Mountain Lion as that version has had issues recently.

    It is in fact a problem with the gate keeper, so you should try to right click on the application and choose open. You should then see a dialog pop up to confirm.

    This was information from jeb_ himself on the issue.
  16. Oh no, the simple solution was to open up your System Preferences > Security and privacy. Where it says "Allow applications downloaded from:" select "Anywhere". Download your minecraft and it should work :D
  17. well funny story the same thing happened to me because i had another computer but it was horrid so i got a mac and now i am trying to download mine craft and it says move it to trash so can anyone help me.
  18. Red text. It's there for a reason >.>
  19. Mountain Lion? There is no problem with that... I have a mac with Mountain Lion and Minecraft works fine. If you want help, you should contact Mojang themselves and see what the problem is.