Minecraft in VR, Q&A and Java VR Mods

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Khalietal, May 5, 2018.

  1. Good day folks. I just learned the existence of a mod for Minecraft Java called Vivecraft, formerly known as Minecrift lol (copyrights involved I am certain)

    Anyway, I kinda left EMC for a while since I bought myself an awesome Oculus Rift and everyday am looking to expand its uses and game repertoire outside of the confine of its store.

    I have been having such a blast with Minecraft Bedrock edition on Oculus that I now only like minecraft in VR. I was exploring a prebuilt map with my dad (not in VR on his side) and I was completely blown away with the level of details, lightning, scale of grandeur and I immediately thought "I want EMC in VR yesterday!!"

    After searching and then PMing Chickeneer, no one has ever talked or asked for it until today. I don't even know if it would work on EMC yet but I have a tiny bit of hope it just might and I can't wait to visit everybody's town plot in VR!

    So yeah, this is the post intro. For anyone that don't have a VR (Virtual Reality) setup for their computers or that never tried Minecraft in VR, go ahead and shoot all your questions! Also general questions about VR in the broader sense too. (No it's not like Ready Player One haha)

    Cheers mates! Too lazy to reread my post, I'll correct the spelling later lol
  2. I was hoping to get a little more traction than no comments haha. I was looking forward to a good VR discussion...