Minecraft in HD

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by autonamus, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. This would be AWESOME but it would never work. The reason you can build so "big" in MC compared to say the Sims is that it is light on effects.
  2. I know that, but a boy can dream. /medreams
  3. Haha well computing power is still growing exponentially, so perhaps in 10 years :p
  4. Do you think it's really that far off? I mean, I've seen some pretty bad ass games on the PC that don't look like they're TO far behind those graphics. I mean, not that the average PC could run it, but could like a say Crysis 2 friendly computer do something like that?
  5. Yes and that works for small controlled environments.
  6. ^ Wait till they make hyper dense memory... HDM for short, this writing information on single atoms. Once they have done this they could then start making all the computer components out of this... i.e ram, gpu, cpu. That would then be one hell of a BEAST of a computer XD What would that be DDR1000000000000000 ram? :confused: