Minecraft Ideas!

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  1. Post your ideas of things that should be added into Minecraft! (And I KNOW! Mojang probably doesnt read these forums, and probably wont add any of these.)
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  3. First, you are now probably brickstrike's enemy. Second, they need to add more decorative items and furniture.
  4. More ores and animals!
  5. MUFFINS ;3
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  6. They should add a new tier of items that is superior to diamond.
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  7. Emerald armor.
  8. Now, now. settle down you two.
    Why don't you talk it out? here, i'll help y'all while eating some pie. Will that help?
  9. Women. Several different breeds of them. #References
  10. I want bears!!
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  11. untitled.png
  12. Obsidian tools and weapons and armor
  13. NUUUU You... betrayed me. How dare you.
  14. Another realm...
  15. Take amplified biomes. Remove the ground. Make it so that the ore generation is a function of the size of the island and the closest distance to the surface. Also, make the biome division shorter so that each island is a biome, and large islands have multiple biomes. Make villages spawn on big islands. Strongholds float in the air between islands.

    My only question is how to do the end?
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  16. That gave me a headache
  17. So many big words... I had to read through it 4 times before I realized what you meant
  18. Settle it over bacon, not more pie. EVERYONE LOVES BACON!!! \o3o/
  19. BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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