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  1. Just to make this clear, I AM NOT ADVERTISING A SERVER.
    I'm looking for a minecraft server host for a whitelisted server to play with my friends. I suck at these things, so I kinda need some help. The one I'm thinking of right now has a really cheap price, free teamspeak and webhosting, as well as quick support, but the low price makes me a little iffy. Can someone tell me if this host is decent?
  2. You can set the amount of slots you want, that's just a recommendation.
  3. IK, but I'm getting this thing for a minimum of three months, and that would mean 15 dollars at the 1gb server. thanks for your suggestion though.
  4. The 256MB is free and it seems to be fine up to 8 players.
  5. Hmm, the website said 1-3 XD
  6. Under estimate.
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