[Minecraft HELP] Weird SSP Problem :S

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Gap542, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. STORY:


    I decided to actually play 100% Legit Survival Single Player after many months...
    (I had rage quit because my world had broken due power outage, world went poof gone :/ )

    I made the world and everything.. I smashed some keyboard keys and got this seed, (It's pretty good for beginers like me. Lots of exposed iron and coal everywhere: 113497860 )

    Stuff and blah and stuff...

    It's lagging as if it where some sort of server lag in SMP. I'm trying to break any block and I need to destroy it around 5~ times for that block disappear and go into my inventory.

    I re-created the world 2 times and same problem.
    I made another world with the same seed and same problem.


    BTW: I'm playing on 1.4.2
  2. I also closed and re-opened minecraft, the problem still persisted. The only mods I own are:

    World Download (Something like that)

    I can play on the EMC servers fine.
  3. World Downloader was giving me the same problem.
  4. I took it off and it's the same but It now breaks in under 3 breaks lol..
  5. Ive got 10 mods (Or semi mods) and dont get lag at all. Other than removing the downloader mod, I dont know how to help.