Minecraft: Gear VR Edition

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  1. I just bought Minecraft: Gear VR edition for my Gear VR headset and spent an hour using it. I also recorded a short clip to showcase the experience.

    It has 2 modes: Living Room & Immersive. You can switch between them at any time just by tapping the touchpad on the side of the headset.

    The Living Room mode sets you in a Minecraft style living room, sitting on a chair, looking at a TV. The game displays on the TV, and plays similar to console versions of Minecraft using a Bluetooth controller. If you're getting a bit dizzy in Immersive mode, this is a great way to play.

    When the Immersive mode is activated, you're transported inside of the game - full field of view and stereoscopic 3D! You can look around independent of your right analog stick on the controller. This is the mode most people will spend their time in.

    I spent most of my time is Immersive mode. All the blocks seem much bigger in VR, more life-sized. I built myself a tiny shack just in time for the first night, and although the night was pretty frightening when immersed in the game, I stuck it out and wandered out to collect more materials and go mining once it was daytime... And I forgot there was a creeper outside my door.

    Then, I spent a couple minutes fixing my house, and switched to another world. I checked out a Minecraft rollercoaster someone made, and those are actually pretty cool in VR.

    Got questions about the experience of Minecraft in Virtual Reality? Ask away!
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