Minecraft for PS3

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  1. So minecraft for PS3 just got released. has anyone been playing it yet? I have a few thoughts on the issue.
    First, world size is limited, its big enough to have villages and stuff, but leaves me wanting more.
    Second, I like how you can play multiplayer on one console.
    There are not any servers as of yet but you can invite people you know. Sence I don't have any PS3 friends feel free to invite me or post your invitiations here.
  2. World size is limited because consoles don't have the power to have infinite worlds. Storage and RAM capacity is a problem...
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  3. My brother has it, but i've played it. Minecraft was released 2 weeks ago on PS3. There aren't going to be servers it's not the same as the PC version, its you play with friends or on your own no 24/7 or you don't have to be there to play servers.

    The world size is tiny imo, im getting a PS4 so hopefully the world size should be bigger with more RAM and stuff.
  4. Yea I figured as much. Hopefully I wont have to buy it again when it comes out for PS4
  5. Yeah, If I have to buy it again I will be annoyed. Shouldn't have to as PSN accounts can be carried over
  6. But it does say "minecraft PS3 edition'. So im thinking they are going to stick it to us.
  7. Add me on PS3 As blasteroid54321