minecraft enchanting odds changed

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  1. the last 3 lvl 40+ enchantments i have gotten have been unbreaking 3... like wtf (what the fudge)
    have the odds been changed?:(
  2. Well, enchanting has always been random but hmm, before 1.2.4 i always got silktouch with lvl 30,but now i always get unbreaking3, efficiency3-4 with lvl 30. But dunno, im 90% sure that nothing has been changed, just random luck i guess :p
  3. I'm like lvl 9 gonna enchant once I get to 48-high chance of getting 3 enchants
  4. Well, you can get 3enchant above 30. But it's still based on a random luck thing :p
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  5. They seem down to me and I never enchant below lever 43. I got a EFF III Pickaxe for a level 50 enchant Monday and was like WTF!!! :p
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  6. Oh that sucks
  7. I'm not much of an enchantor, but I don't think the odds have changed
  8. I have noticed that I seem to keep getting the same enchant over and over. The other day, I got 3 fortune II picks. Also, I now have FIVE bane of arth V swords. Something is wonky, for sure!
  9. If you don't do it regularly you will not notice. Such is the way of things in life. ;)