MInecraft: Education Edition?!

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  1. So. I was on Facebook, as you do, and I see "Minecraft Education Edition..." Me being a wolf I am, I clicked it =P Boom Blam Blimmpty Blam, I saw this:

    WOAH! COOL! I want to see this my school! We have played MC during recess before, everyone loved it, but by adding actual EDUCATION in it? Its a win win!

    So, What do you guys think?! Is this a good idea or not?

    ~ Wolff

    Sorry if this is the wrong section =P
  2. Minecraft EDU has been around for a while. They invited Dan200 of ComputerCraft to add a ComputerCraftEDU as a classroom extension about a few months back for basic programming learning. Wonder which EDU they will add next to MineCraft.
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  3. How do you add education to minecraft lol? Its not like teachers are going to teach y=mx+b in the minecraft chat. :p
    Or the glycolysis process or vocabulary words like nepotism. Would that encourage kids?
    Teacher says, "If you listen to me everyone will get 64 stacks of diamond blocks!"
    Kids say, "YAYYYY"
    Teacher says, "[insert school-stuff here]"
  4. I cannot understand how a block game is even remotely educational. With the exception of some social skills (which in my opinion are better learned in the real world anyway) I have learned absolutely nothing from Minecraft in my three and a half years playing.
  5. When I first started playing around like age 9, I learned that obsidian is made by water and lava. And that sand smelted makes glass.
  6. They are using it in English classes for sure (was on the front page of the news this week here), and redstone (electricity), and water flow mechanics (engineering) require logic and problem-solving.
    They could probably use it in math lessons too (sc of enderpearls equals how many again?) I always have my calculator up when I play lol.
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