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  1. Has this ever happened to you? " I UPDATED MINECRAFT AND I CANT GO ON EMC!" "I WANT TO PLAY VERSIONS OF MINECRAFT THAT I DIDN'T JOIN IN TIME FOR!" Well look no further! With the Minecraft Version Changer, you can solve BOTH OF THESE PROBLEMS!

    Basically, this program allows you to downgrade/upgrade your JAR file in a simple click.


    This is NOT a mod, so you will not have to re-download it once a new venison of Minecraft comes out.

    *Minor Bug* If you downgrade to a version that uses a different lighting system, like Indev, and then then upgrade to 1.4.5, the lighting system won't change.
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  2. Quick! Sticky this and throw it on the front page every update!
  3. Avast! says it's a virus.
    I don't like this already.
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  4. Works for me, have nothing. :/