Minecraft Doctor Who - actors, set designers, and others needed

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  1. I am now working on the first few episodes of Minecraft Doctor Who, my latest youtube series. I will need many people to help work on this. I need actors, camera operators, editors, set designers, costume designers, sound effects people, and visual effects people.

    I need actors for the following characters (Each cast member will record their voices for the audio, as well as portray the character onscreen.) Except for the companion role, each character will need to know some information about their character, in order for them to portray the role successfully.

    The Doctor
    Lauren Stephenson (The Doctor's companion)
    Autons (no audio required)
    The Master

    Crew members needed:
    • Camera operators - film and record the video footage
    • Editors - edit the footage filmed
    • Set designers - basically what the title says
    • Costume designers - also what the title says
    • Sound effects crew - create the different sound effects, as well as editing voices of some characters
    • Visual effects crew - create all the visual effects, such as the opening titles, onscreen explosions, fire, and other related things
    • Director - I probably will not be on the server while filming is taking place, so I need a director for the episodes
    • Music creator - Creates background music for each episode. No theme music needed.
    If you have any interest in being part of this, message me with what you are interested in doing. Actors will need to send me an audio recording of them acting out any scene from the tv show as the character they are portraying. Email the recordings to my email: ncampos16@lvcp.org
    Any help, big or small, is needed for this to happen
  2. :O I wanna try for a companion or something, but I have no idea how to video myself in minecraft :c