Minecraft Creator Calls it quits.

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  1. I have some very sad news which most of you have already heard. Minecraft creator Markus Persson Better known as his title "Notch" has decided he will no longer be head developer of minecraft. hes handed over the reins to the lesser known developer and Friend Jeb. he made the choice because he wanted to branch out. hes been working on minecraft for a long time and has finnaly gotten bored of it. and with the yogscast dispute he has lost a lot of good supporters. Minecraft will continue with its updates with the rest of the mojang team and jeb but Notch will be making new projects. Its sad to see someone who brought us all toghter through his dream leave the throne. do you think the game will be as good as Jeb as the main developer now?
  2. i think there is a lot more to this behind the scenes

    especially with what just happened with yogcast and his previous twitter rants
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  3. Yes you are probbaly correct I am interested to know the full story
  4. Minecraft is out and in a stable place. Markus is being a business man and focusing on new revenue streams, like the new Scrolls game.
  5. Notch was more or less the lead programmer, however Jeb has a huge influence on the new additions to the game.. Notch is following up on his other ideas and allowing Jeb to maintain his creative influence on Minecraft. It is for the best. It will still be a wonderful game. Notch was the face while Jeb was the rest of the body...
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  6. How could the Yogscast do this!?! Notch would never say something like that if he didn't have a reason!
  7. The man knows what's up.
  8. lets not get into who did what wrong

    whatever happened is done and over and should stay between notch and yogscast
  9. I think I predicted this a few threads back.. It's sad, but Notch would only do that if he thought Jeb would do Minecraft good.

    Which means we should trust in his judgement, he knows the direction he wants his creation to go in, and he also knows that he isn't part of that anymore.