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  1. So I have been having a problem ever since MC was fully released. My game randomly crashes often. It shows the default dirt background then goes to black. I have to restart my client then. I have force updated MC and updated Java. I am running on a 64 bit Windows 7 machine with 8GB RAM and a ATI 5770. I had none of these issues during 1.8.1. If you have any suggestions, please help me.
  2. You didnt mention here if you are running any client side mods, so i will assume you are running standard vanilla minecraft. There is a mod called optifine, which offers many graphics enhancements, as well as fps boost, hd texture support and better grass. It also can be used to increase memory allocation to java, and offers a more stable running environment. I recommend giving this a try and seeing if it helps you at all, as it did for me. :)
    It can be found here:
  3. I added this, but it wouldn't get past the loading page after logging in...
  4. I would delete the .minecraft folder completely (after backing up your savegames, texture packs and screenshots)
    then start minecraft loader which will force update. Once game is loaded exit it and install optifine, remembering to delete the meta-info folder, then start the game and it should hopefully run well.
  5. oh ya meta-info i forgot about that haha
  6. all good now?
  7. Still having the issue. I have updated Java so I have no idea what it is. I have done multiple clean installs also. Grr this is really annoying
  8. I have the same exact issue, I have not found a fix yet. Sometimes I can play 15 minutes without it crashing others I play 1-2 minutes and it crashes.
  9. Next thing I would try is to create a batch file which alters the amount of memory which is allocated to java, as this could be causing minecraft to crash when you get a memory spike.
    Search google for 'minecraft fix java memory', or something like that, there are many many webpages with the info needed, and hopefully it will fix your problem.
  10. do u have error messeges poping up that are a notepad?
    if so i can help with this one
  11. Nope, just randomly It will show the default dirt background then after a couple seconds a black screen.
  12. problem with ur video card is my guess
  13. I would still attempt the java fix first before anything else, as it is easy and quck to do.

    My second recommendation would be to try spoutcraft. It adds some advanced customization tools, chat tools, and it is meant to be a more stable platform for launching the game.
  14. are you using 32-bit java on your 64-bit computer? That was what the problem we had with my dad new laptop, we installed 64-bit java and it was fine.
  15. I have both versions installed. It is a 64-bit system however.
  16. you could try uninstalling the 32-bit version , we just left it but it might work for you.
  17. My web browsers are 32-bit, not sure why but eh
  18. can't help you then, sorry dude.
  19. I have had this problem, but only after installing mods. I simply re-downloaded Minecraft and it fixed it.