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  1. we just had our first meeting and these are the ideas that were sent in and made it through the voting.

    Server installs Zeppelin Plugin for everyone to use.
    Cheaper Official Shop
    Official Mine (in town)
    Official Mob Arena/spawner in town
    Official Spleef arena in town
    Longer time offline before lot resets (20 days)

    those were the ideas that made it through the voting
  2. I don't know what the zepplin plugin is, but on the other ideas I do not agree.
    1. The town shop is intentionally expensive to promote players to purchase from one another
    2. Having a mine in town makes gathering resources no longer dangerous. Defeats the point of the S in SMP
    3. Same as above
    4. Unless the official spleef arena was monitored by a mod, it really couldn't be used because we cant just give everyone perms for it or it will get griefed
    5.10 days is plenty. If you arn't able to contact any staff within ten days then you really arn't trying to. It only takes a minute to message them and get put on the do not reset list
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  3. Everything done on the server is for a reason. Let's do a list okay?

    1. Zeppelin Mod would require everyone on the server have a Modded client to access it. Which would really be a large pain and would deter many a person from the Empire.
    2. If you could buy all your items from the Town Shop, that wouldn't encourage you to look for player shops. If anything, it should be more expensive.
    3. Sure, we can have an official mine. It would be just for show like the /park though, which would sort of defeat it in my opinion
    4. We already have this somewhere. I think Justin deactivated it because it was underused.
    5. Same as above. It wasn't used enough to justify having a server dedicated to it.
    6. The odds of somebody coming back after 10 days of being derelict is less than 1%. It used to be 30 days. That is no longer the case for a reason.
  4. thanks for your opinion Crazy. :)
  5. I think the only feasible things here is mobs arena and spleef arena.

    The mob arena maybe /mob which teleport to a place with many mob. And may charge rupees for going to. Otherwise the wild's mob gonna useless.

    The spleef arena can be made with custom plugin. Whenever 2 player (or more) wanna play they can choose mode with button or other methods. It should charge player for using too.
    May use /spleef to access.

    But this will put a lot more work on our staff.
    Especially Justin and Jeremy since they do coding.

    I also think some might be a supporter-only feature too. Because our staff have to spend their effort creating them for us. And I don't expect free players to just get free mobs-drop.
  6. I quoted the part of your post that should be paid most attention to.

    Where as your Council (clan) is popular and shows a great social network within the Empire, you would be surprised how often we have discussions as staff about implementing new things into the server.

    There are a list of great things Justin is constantly working on. While I cant say any of these things on your list, tschack, are on the discussion or on Justin's list, the reason most things are not on the server can be very easily explained why.

    Now, the reasons for why your current list is not currently used in the server has already been pointed out in this thread so i will not bother repeating it.

    However, keep in mind whenever you are holding your meetings,

    EmpireMinecraft is a Survival Multiplayer Server, Justin tries to keep that ever so loving feel of Vanilla Survival, with just a few additions to make the Multiplayer Aspect more enjoyable.

    Its not about "Lets stay in town for the entire duration and use our collected rupees to survive without ever venturing into the wild". Some of your suggestions would in fact impede on the Survival Ideal.
  7. I have previously used the zeppelin mod and found it very entertaining, and I agree it would be a fantastic way to explore town. Unfortunately it means the server would have to keep track of all the created zeppelin controllers and airships, and it would create tremendous lag on the server. I actually don't think the current setup in town would even allow players to use the zeppelin controllers on other players lots. So as soon as you left your lot you would be stuck and unable to 'use' the controller to even retrieve the zeppelin back to your own lot.

    As for the additional suggestions, there are some things in the development phase which should please the entire community ;)
    Even though these particular suggestions haven't been accepted due to various reasons, don't be disheartened, continue to have your meetings and submit your ideas as you never know when your ideas may be a solution to a problem we are having or a fantastic new feature for the empire. :)
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  8. Why don't we support the idea that was raised about a subway
  9. The subway is an very interesting idea, I am certainly keen on seeing where this goes, it would be cool to walk down the subway, place a cart down, jump in and jump off 10 blocks away to visit a friend. Or buy a few sheep and walk down to subway to transport them home by rail. My dreams may be small but they are entertaining ;p
  10. As the council we should take this on and consider it to me it has no flaws even just one around the centre of town would be epic
  11. We can walk around the center of town. It's not that far.
    How about more to the other rim. It's harder to walk animal to a lot on outer rim. (I once walk a mooshcow 2200 block back home)
  12. Go look on the post for it they planned out a map
  13. Yes I saw it.
    The map included both around the center of town and the outer-rim.
    So we are making both. Right?
    And as it is on the public road. We are gonna need admins to help out. As this is a community project, I wonder if admin will spawn for us stuff to build it or we gonna go and mine it our self?.

    EDIT : Is this for SMP1 only or for every server. My res cureenry on SMP2. If you want to expand this project to SMP2, I wanna join.
  14. thanks for all you opinions :)
  15. I want to say this: I voted yes on all of these except the Zepellin one. I thought in voting that each of the different items (spleef arena, mob fighting arena) were meant as council creations. As official server items I most likely would have voted differently.
  16. well, on those ideas, it was like (out of the people who could come) 4 against 5 for each, so it would not have made a difference :/

    we could still make them in the wild where we are making the you-know-what already
  17. Before we go too far with this thread, I thought it might be more appropriate to keep separate topics to their respective threads. My interpretations was that this thread was going to be a sort of 'official report' of your meetings, and the topics that passed your voting process and their discussions. There is a subway post now and your council thread, we can keep this one for winning votes and their discussions. :)
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  18. thanks shaunwhite1982