Minecraft Clay Solders Tourment!

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Do you think I should do more of these?

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  1. Hello guys, TheEpic5 here and today I will be hosting a Clay Solders Tourment, I'll tell you the info!

    Tourment Bracket Round 1

    Clay vs Red,Yellow vs Green,Blue vs Orange,Purple vs Pink,Brown vs White,Black vs Cyan
    Light Grey vs Lime,Light Blue vs Magenta, Melon vs Pumpkin, Coal vs Redstone

    20 Will enter, 2 will be elimated, and only 1 will win.

    Bet on who you want to win!

    TheEpic5 is awesome!

    Round 1 Weapons: Sticks (Sword) and Flint (Sharpener)
  2. how does this work???
  3. Well, There's a mod called Clay Solders and they fight each other if they are diffent colors
  4. oh ok. you need to explain. ill bet 5k on light blue btw. but i dont think you can bet in emc anyways
  5. If you want people to place bets on it, you should post a ton more information, and maybe some pictures or video of exactly what these fights look like, maybe even record them if you can.
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  7. I'm betting 20 rupees on coal over redstone.
  8. Ok, we will be doing betting, but lower your bet Running
  9. 100r on yellow
  10. The First Round's Map Picture will be uploaded soon!
    EDIT: Can't upload the map
    EDIT 2: Can't get a picture of the map I mean
  11. on who?
  12. 200 on green
  13. Ok, Round 1 will start now!
  14. Updated OP with Round 1 weapons!
  15. So when do we know who won
  16. Soon
  17. Now?
  18. 3:00PM EST
  19. light blue of course