Minecraft - Cannot connect.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by roblikescake, May 27, 2012.

  1. Do not panic.

    Minecraft's login servers are going in and out.

    It is not you, it is the login servers.

    If you're online, don't logoff.

    Check here for updates.

    Do not create more threads about this.

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  2. That's why i can't connect. Maybe their updating...?
  3. It is possible. Could be 1.2.6, could be 1.3, we never know.
  4. I'm actually thinking their fixing the lag. Cause every server i went on yesterday was laggy as hell. Not just me, but the general population was laggy aswell.
  5. Minecraft Forums are somewhat down too.
  6. This stuff seems to happen at the worst times for me. :(
  7. The same with me, i was in a pvp server and i logged back in the server and i got spawn kill :(
  8. Maybe they got attacked?
  9. JUST REMEMBER... If they do update... Don't do it until EMC gives you the go ahead.... ;)... Just to be safe! :)
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  10. Forums are back, just the login servers down now
  11. I hope they hurry up... I need to mine more sandstone...lol
  12. Back online. i can now log in.
  13. Oh, I have all the time to mine it, but i won't , because I'm building. :D I should go before my game crashes.. hehe
  14. 77% successful login rate.

    Its coming back online :D
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  15. I must be in the 23% :( lol
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  16. Me too :p

    The rate is constantly changing, and right now it's going down.
  17. 40% success rate now. :(
  18. Oh well... it gives me time to clean up some more reports....
  19. 30 :(
  20. It's goning to go back offline. :(