Minecraft Black screen

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  1. Hey all PAVI259 here. I haven't been able to even get into a single player world let alone the menu.
    For some reason right when you think the launcher will bring up the game it disappears into a black screen then cancels out. If anyone has an idea of how to fix this i will be most grateful.

    P.S I have force updated multiple times, and re installed. For some reason when i go to control panel and uninstall minecraft it isn't there shown.
  2. Did you install any mods after reinstalling?
  3. nope everything is clean. No mods anywhere
  4. I would try updating your Java to see if that works.
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  5. Yeah, try that or just do a clean install of java.
  6. I updated and no luck. The launcher still just goes black then cancels
  7. Did you try reinstalling java?
  8. ive had that problem on ubuntu too except my screen turns white
  9. I will try to explain this as clearly as I can :D I'm a little tired right now so bare with me.
    What you want to do is:
    1. Type %appdata% into your search bar (If you can't do this just look for your "roaming" folder there are other ways to find it... try google.)
    2. Click on the roaming folder and open it.
    3. Look for your .minecraft folder. It should be at the top of the folder... if not look through it until you find it.
    4. Delete the .minecraft folder and everything in it. If you have any save files you want to save extract them first.
    5. Run Minecraft.exe and install minecraft again. This should fix your issue. If not please tell me.
    Edit: Minecraft isn't shown under control panel-add and remove programs because it is not actually installed using your registry ( I think) Minecraft runs off Java and uses an independent folder to store its information.
  10. Thanks