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  1. Hey guys so recently I figured out I couldn't have a gladiator arena because I can't change the PvP flag. I was wondering what suggestions you guys could give me because I spent everything(time, money, blocks)trying to make it, and even made rules for it. If you want to see it for some "inspiration" to give me ideas my res. is 18605. Thank you! :D
  2. As you know the PVP flag is official arenas only but don't give up. Show Aikar your arena and it might get added
  3. I actually felt bad that you spent 'time, rupees, and blocks' building a pvp arena....then I saw you had been a member since Dec. 13 2011....

    So i decided to go check out your arena to see what you could do with it and....

    its actually way to small to be any type of arena, I cant give you any Ideas of how to change it. As for spending all your time and rupees on it i feel like you made this in 10mins...... ._. I don't see how you spent a lot of rupees making this since you can just go to the wastelands and get all this stuff for free?

    I realize since you didn't know EMC was a no pvp server (except in the new pvp arenas on server 6) you may not know that there is a wastelands you can go to, and get supplies for free >.> .
  4. I recently got un-banned and so I spent what rupees I had, and this actually took an hour or 2(mostly getting the resources)I was going to make it bigger too. I also don't appreciate your rudeness(being the assumption I made it in ten minutes)So like I said, this is unfinished. Once I got enough resources I would expand it, but now I'm obviously not since I can't edit the PvP flag.
  5. theres a reason you cant turn on the pvp flag, some people would just camp on their res and await unknowing visitors and then kill them, so we limit pvp to that one place atm. you should of known emc was a no pvp server however its posted pretty much everywhere so i dont see why you assumed people could kill on their residences. current arena sizes are 46 by 46 however so if you come up with a good enough arena it may be used in future arenas
  6. This is an issue similar to the one I posted recently about the wastelands. That fact that the PvP flag exists and is visible to users makes it appear that they may have the option to configure it. Much like how the wastelands appears to have confused people into thinking that it's just build wherever, there won't be much of a griefing punishment.

  7. I don't appreciate how you take suggestions....

    I wasn't being rude, you asked for a suggestion so I gave you my suggestion, if you don't like suggestions that give criticism then you shouldn't ask for suggestions in the first place. I did not say you made it in ten minutes, i said I FEEL LIKE you made it in 10mins, meaning I feel like it needs more. The design to me didn't feel like it was thought /planned out.

    And actually you never stated that it was unfinished in this thread at all. Below I post my evidence of you never saying that:

    As everyone can see you never said it was unfinished which made me assume it was a finished build, so I gave my suggestion on the finished product, now if you had of said it was unfinished i would of said something different and gave you more supportive criticism. :D
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  8. Yes, I asked for a suggestion. I never got upset at your suggestion. It doesn't matter that you FELT LIKE I made it in 10 minutes. It's still an assumption. I also know, and never said it was unfinished in my first thread so that was pointless of you. I was just letting you know so that way there wasn't any more confusion. Dude, seriously just chill you're turning this into an arguement.
  9. I thought you could edit it in your res. I never tried it before so I thought I could. I know it's a non-PvP server I just thought it was not allowed in the wild/Empire owned worlds. Not residents.
  10. Also, it would be controlled. right after they killed the other player their perms along w/the guy who died would be turned off.
  11. Also, how can you not appreciate how I give suggestion if you never gave a suggestion. You specifically said you couldn't.
  12. This is kind of dumb. I ask for help on what I can re-purpose it for, and all people are doing is telling me the same thing "You should've known this isn't a PvP server." I know that I want to know what I can re-purpose the building for. Do you guys understand? One more time. I know this is a non-PvP server. You don't have to remind me, but what can I turn this building into so I can make rupees? Thank you.
  13. a shop? or farm
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  14. Thanks, a shop might be good. I guess I can repurpose the redstone.
  15. You clearly said" So like I said, this is unfinished" which means you are implying you said this in an earlier post.

    Also you said "I never got upset at your suggestion." Even though you clearly said I was being Rude. The whole you made this in 10 mins is part of my suggestion, and you should of got the hint I was suggesting that you need to put more effort into your build if you want it to be a PUBLIC place.

    If you asked me what I think of your hair, and what you should do with it im gonna say what i think and then give my suggestions, If i said your hair looks like wolverine and the hulk went at it in there, and you need to use more conditioner and brush, You can not imply that I am being rude because you asked for my suggestion on your hair and opinions come with suggestions.

    Also you are implying I am turning this into an arguement and I dont appreciate that, but seeing as this is your opinion and you seem not to know what comedy criticism is. I will let it slide..... Also I am not a dude if i can point you to this site http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/dude It means I actually care about how I dress and seeing as I am still in my pajamas at 3pm we clearly see that is not the case, oh and im not a man. I won't go on about what chill means but everyone can look that up too.....

    You are going to be my best friend on emc now, I enjoy these conversations.
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  16. I clearly said "I recently got un-banned and so I spent what rupees I had, and this actually took an hour or 2(mostly getting the resources)I was going to make it bigger too. I also don't appreciate your rudeness(being the assumption I made it in ten minutes)So like I said, this is unfinished. Once I got enough resources I would expand it, but now I'm obviously not since I can't edit the PvP flag."So yes I did imply that it was unfinished in a previous statement. Just like you implied I needed to do more work on it, and you could've said "I feel like you need to put more effort.", "Or "How much work did you put into this?" I found it rude. I was trying to be polite about it, and I apologize if you thought I was being sarcastic. I also apologize for confusing your sex for male. Back to the arguement. You shouldn't post one part of the conversation, or else that's gonna be one sided information. I do acknowledge I didn't say it in my first thread, and was simply, and clearly letting you know that it was unfinished. If you can't take implications like you give them, please don't get mad at me for that. I don't understand how that was comedy criticism. It just looked rude. At least looking at it from text where it's harder to tell emotion. All I asked was for a simple suggestion, and it turned into this. I already found out what to turn it into though....would you like to play some spleef? :D
  17. This whole thread is hilarious and I love it lol

    I think spleef sounds good you just have to watch out if its on your main res (don't know if you own multiple) because people will try to dig in places they aren't suppose to. I suggest once you have made it into a spleef arena and you have more rupees and resources that you use obsidian around the arena so at least you can catch someone before they try to dig out and into your res.
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  19. True. Thanks, Imma go get some lava and water or obsidian now! :D
  20. Oh, and how does one claim multiple residences?