MineCraft Account Giveaway(sorta)

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  1. Hey guys, I am putting an auction up for my second minecraft account that I never really used.
    It is called; Brantwn
    I WILL accept diamonds or rupees only.
    Minimum bid is; 30,000r
    The account was $30 dollars it self!!;)
    The rupees that this auction gets will go straight to my castle:).
    If you change the pass word I will change it to something different and I will not give you the pass word again.
  2. So you are saying if someone were to "pay" you for this account and then try to secure it for themselves that you would then change their password and remove it from their possession?
    This can not be accepted. Either the account is completely relinquished or this is not allowed to happen.
  3. Ok, what ever twitch said, happens sooo. It is yours
  4. The way to change email addresses is to Migrate to a Mojang Account. :)
  5. How do you do that?
  6. Ok thanks, the auction starts again!!!:D