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  1. I have found that on minecraft people have been getting so stupid. I mean I don't mean to be mean, but people with a squid on a skydoesminecraft head with the username - SkyTheKidRSIsGay is just so Un creative. Me and my friend were on survival games together and, mother of god. What has minecraft turned into. Someone had saw that some random guy had a username that defended some weird youtuber and all these can boys/girls broke out a fight in chat, it was so painful I had to turn off chat. Also like in games me and my friend got 6 teamed by all these guys in SkydoesMc skins, and all they did was walk around and hit me with their fist, (I had to end their life with a gold sword though ;3) Anyone agree that some people on MC can get a bit weird. Like hello everyone, I'm BUDDERISAWESOME2228
  2. Alt names are funny if they are not offending anyone. (since it does offend people).
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  3. My irl friend has the alt "alexwithnochance" i think its funny.
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  4. Lol

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  5. That's different
  6. If you're going to make buy an account, methinks it should be funny and appropriate, so you didn't waste like $30 or somethin'. Like if they came on EMC, they'd get banned, and you can't do much about a name change, you wasted $30.
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  7. But.. That DOES offend people. EDIT: Wait just reread comment. >.>
  8. That is what I am saying.
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  9. I think that is what Olaf was saying, that the name mentioned was a bad example of something that was meant to be funny.

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  10. Haha. You get it at least.

    I reworded it.
  11. I figured that out >_< Look at my edit :p