Minecraft 101

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  1. While im not the best survivor out there and not even close to the best teacher there'll be,and after looking at how many posts regarding "I died in the wild/im lost in the wild" I'll be offering my little bit of knowledge on survival abilities to whoever might be interested, we'll work on SMP7 and I'll be providing the attendants with full armor sets/food/tools and weapon during the "practice sessions"


    - Be relatively new to EMC and/or MINECRAFT
    - Agree that ALL outcome (mined ores etc) will be split in equal parts between the attendants


    -Any attempt on griefing/intentional kills to ANY of the members will be screenshotted, posted and prosecuted till the offender recieves punishment


    - Survival 101
    - Mineshafting down to bedrock
    - Cave exploration
    - Abandoned shatfs/dungeons how-to's
    - Strip mining
    - Safe Return
    - Useful Accesories

    Please apply here or in-game

    Times: As deemed neccesary to fit player's schedule (including mine)

    Min group size: 2 (me and you!)

    Suggested: Teamspeak/ventrillo/skype communication

    On the previous feature note: Any annoying behaviour on the communication channels will be enough reason to change the "class" status as "OVER"
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  2. Great idea this will really help new players.