MineCraft 1.9 Maps!

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  1. Hewo Everyone!!

    I have been looking for good maps to play for 1.9! I have found a few but I want more XD
    So I am asking you guys and gals to comment the 1.9 maps you know so I can check them out!
    I am particularly looking for adventure maps, with not a lot of parkour and not really short like 20 min. I do like Herobrine maps and some maps that include finding stuff like having to find a button to go on to the next level like that. You can suggest any map for 1.9 but those are the things im mainly looking for especially HeroBrine. They can be horror but tell me if you think I will get scared so I dont do it at night XD
  2. That makes my brain hurt... sorry ;p
    I'm almost done with mine though

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  3. I've been playing Captive Minecraft IV. It's really quite fun.
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  4. I watched the trailer for it, its sounds awesome. I will try it out, thx :3