Minecraft 1.4.2 Texture Pack

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Do you enjoy using this texture pack?

Yes! 6 vote(s) 54.5%
No! 1 vote(s) 9.1%
It's ok.. 4 vote(s) 36.4%
  1. Hello guys recently I have been using this one of a kind super awesome texture pack that I think you should try out!
    The link for the download is below:
    EmpireMinecraft is the best sevrer in the world!
    also I changed the wither picture for this texture pack so it isn't the default wither skin ;) check it out! :D
  2. Pretty cool only the fire,netherack, and pumpkins/jack o' lanterns are messed up
    1. Please say the name of the texture pack as just providing the download link is kinda like stealing.
    2. The thread link would be nice so we can see if it's compatible with any mods
    3. I like the grass blocks
    4. It look's like JackBiggin's res
  3. you need to patch it
  4. Use MC Patcher. It does that with 32-bit texture pack.
  5. Ik Im trying to find a for sure safe site
  6. Yes. Make sure you use MC Patcher. Makes everything ten times better ;)
    I use dokucraft. This is similar. I like it, but I saw the forum and it isn't supported by many mods.
    Cool, thanks for showing me :)
  7. Optifine, 100 hundred times better, adds all of the stuff from MCPatcher and more
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  8. Cool just got it to work
  9. How are they messed up? :eek:
    1) The name of the texture pack is x32 Atherys Ascended
    2) There is no real thread for this texture pack because they made it for an adventure map called "Herobrine's Mansion" The texture pack is made by Hypixel I believe his name is.
    3) I am sure you would like more then just the grass ;)
    4) I don't think it is his resident :p
    It is a safe site because I created a mediafire account and uploaded that file myself.
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  10. How do you get a signature pic?
  11. That could be a problem, we don't know what could be in that .zip.
    Keep it from an official source.
  12. The reason why it is my own upload is because I changed what a mob looks like. I didn't like it cause it was default, also I have been a member of this server for over a year. I am pretty sure I am trusted....
  13. You can't use your time on the server as a value for being trusted, people have been on this server fro many months and still got banned for illegal mods..
  14. this is the texture pack for herobrine`s mansion :)
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  15. nvm
  16. Now that is others, not me. It is not nice to compare people. ;)
    I would also like to include, if you don't have anything nice to say or if you want to create an argument then I recommend you stop posting these comments. I posted this thread for people to try out this texture pack. Not to get criticized for suggesting a texture pack I liked and thought others would enjoy also.