Minecraft 1.3.1 Seeds

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  1. This is a thread to share any cool 1.3.1 seeds you find.
  2. I once found one, it was this huge mountain with a large cap in the middle, it had a spawner right in it you could see it ( zombie spawner ) but I deleted it without getting the seed :(
  3. Your cactus achievement says my response.
  4. Punchwood.com is good, its a HUGE island covered with trees, it's got a massive ravine running through it, it's got wolves for pets, it's got grass for seeds / food it's got pigs to eat.
    IndianaJones is good - If you search around a bit there are desert temples, villages, extreme hills, loads of stuff.
    303 is brilliant - is an EXTREME extreme hills - if you do large biome you can get maybe 3 stacks of coal just by scaling the cliffs :D
    <----------------------------------------------MAGIC ZEBRA
  5. Try the seed
  6. Hmmm, this one is good.

  7. Pig try
  8. 292202 is a great seed.
  9. So is Joshposh71