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Do you like Minecraft 1.2

It's Awesome 23 vote(s) 92.0%
It's Lame 2 vote(s) 8.0%
  1. It's here 1.2 is here!!!Yes!!!Woot woot!EMC Hopefully will be updated in a day or 2.
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  2. I hope they can quickly update. I cannot downgrade my recently patched MC at all :(
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  3. If i save my 1.1 jar file first and then update, can I use a third party launcher to load 1.1 so I can play empire? I've done this with the snapshots so I'm assuming it's similar.. ?
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  4. Yes actually, I got 2 differnt .minecraft folders, each with a separate launcher, one has a batch file in a folder that tricks minecaft into creating the .minecraft folder in that folder, So I have a "minecraft" folder with a .bat file laucher which after done, does the normal launcher, and then everything works as it always does after that.
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  5. I use the digiex .net launcher. The only thing I've ever had to do was make sure I rename the snapshot jars when I save them, so that minecraft.jar is always the current stable release. From the launcher I can login to my MC account and then choose which jar to load the game from. I can switch back and forth so I can play on Empire one minute, then log onto my friend's server that runs snapshot 12w06a. I just have to quit MC and relaunch from the snapshot jar. I just copied my minecraft.jar and renamed the copy minecraft_11.jar.

    So I'm assuming I'm safe to go ahead and update to 1.2, but I'm wondering if the official updates change more than just the jar file, and if that will then render me unable to play Empire when I launch the game with the minecraft_11.jar.

    I'd rather not create such an elaborate setup with 2 separate .minecraft folders. But if so, would it be as simple as just copy and pasting the .minecraft folder and putting it somewhere else?
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  6. If you have spoutcraft and the normal launcher, if you update the normal launcher, will spoutcraft stay in 1.1, or do they use the same .jar file?
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  7. Spoutcraft and minecraft are 2 separate gamefiles. If you update one the other will remain 1.1.
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  8. go to you're minecraft map and restore it to back time
  9. I saw somewhere (and I think Mojang has been talking about this for a while) that Mojang is working on adding a modding API to MC. Anyone know if there's additional mod support in 1.2? or is it still the same?
  10. The Bukkit team was hired just 2 days ago. You are more likely to see the modding API in 1.3 or any of the snapshots sure to arrive in the coming weeks.
    Just have patience.
  11. Also, as it is inevitable...
    Will there be a map reset?
    We have to wait for Bukkit to release a stable RC for 1.2 before we know ANYTHING!
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  12. Overkill? nahhhhh. (and based on past experience, this still won't help)
  13. OK people who seriously voted Minecraft 1.2 is lame.
  14. I voted awesome, but after looking at the version updates on the wiki... I'm not so sure. Just one thing from 1.2.2 caught my eye:

    from the wiki:
    "If a player builds to the height limit, and stands on top of that structure, the game will crash with a false "saving chunks" screen."

    also, they fixed something from 1.2.1:
    "Uploaded Minecraft 1.2.2 because birches and pine trees were missing..."

    Sounds like a GREAT update :p on the other hand, I'm really excited for all the other stuff they added: height increase, jungles, new mobs, new AI, dogs and villagers can breed (not together...) etc, etc.
  15. Windows Users: hold the windows key and press R. Hit Ok. Right-Click .minecraft (folder). Click "Restore Previous Versions". ????. Profit!
  16. Cant Wait Till Emc Updates TO 1.2!!!!!!! ;D
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  17. Hi five man
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  18. Come on bukkit hurry up so EMC can be updated!
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  19. I know Cant Wait Any Longer
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  20. With you there man :D .I like you're achievements ;) .
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