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  1. Yay, thanks for the heads up Twitch :)
  2. No problem. That is why I am here. To inform the community of anything newsworthy or interesting enough worth sharing. :cool:
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  3. umm I just opened my thing and it says 1.2 on the bottom not 1.1 ._.
  4. I wish I could update! :) But I love EMC too much! lol
  5. That means you downloaded and installed the 1.2 jar file from the official Mojang site...
    Just do a force update and it will downgrade to 1.1.
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  6. Thanks twitch :)
    Just 3 questions:
    How long till EMC servers update?
    Will there be a wild reset?
    The height will be 256 (as new 1.2) or just be forced into the average 128?
    Thanks :D
  7. YES!! I want to update but then I can't play on empire!!! I don't know what to do!!!!!!
  8. I'll probably do some switching around of .jars so I can check it out. This is the first time in the history of the universe that I'm excited about the prospect of finding a zombie spawner!
  9. 1 - When Bukkit releases a stable RC for 1.2
    2 - That will be determined after we get the RC
    3 - That will be determined after we get the RC
  10. So RC is the boss? xD
    ok i will not update till the boss does so :p
  11. I probably will update. I like to mess around for the new updates.
  12. Is a wild reset a reset in ALL the wild or just a yellow zone reset?

    Do I have to take all my diamonds in my wilderness base in my pockets, or can I have them safely at my chest?
  13. To be safe, I would take them all to your res! I wouldn't leave diamonds out in the wilderness anyways!
  14. They're on a locked chest, but I'll carry. The shame is that my gf and me found a beautiful spot where we wanted to build, and we are more worried about the idea of the wild getting re-generated than the items we have there...

    Moreover, if there's a reset, it wont be until minimum friday, true? They have to make a Bukkit, check it, download it, check it, and run it. So the moving of diamonds can wait till tomorrow morning,right?
  15. Did you not read the thread?

    For the TL;DR folks:
    We have to wait for Bukkit to release a stable RC for 1.2 before we know ANYTHING!
  16. Of course I read the thread, did you read my questions?

    I don't know what a Wilderness reset means, if a ENTIRE wilderness reset or just the yellow zone. And I haven't find any answers on this thread, neither on the forums. So I repeat my question:

    In the case a wilderness reset is done, will this affect the entire wilderness or only the yellow zone?

    (I know that having or not a reset depends on the RC, I don't know what a wild reset exactly means. And you say that it depends on the RC, but do not explain what exactly it is, which I want to know. If you have to wait until the RC to know what a wild reset means, I didn't catch that, sorry)

    And my other question:

    Having in mind that the reset has to wait until the RC in the case it is performed, do you think it's safe to wait until tomorrow morning to move the content on my chests on the wild?

    "Yep, it's safe, it won't probably be done until tuesday night/friday morning, do it tomorrow and get some sleep, you lazy boy."


    "Nope, if I was you, I'd go as soon as posible to move your things, bro."

    Thanks for the info, and excuse my grammatic, english is not my mother tongue.
  17. Sorry for misinterpreting your question.
    1) The "yellow zone" is the Periodic Reset area. It will reload the core of the map within the limits when Justin feels it is time. The issue is that the map is older than the program on smp 1-4 and Utopia, so it has no way of resetting to an original state because it doesn't have a reference point.
    The wild reset you are concerned about is an entire wipe of the map and starting a brand new seed. We do not yet know if an entirely new seed will be required or not. Positive statements have been made by Jeb about the SMP aspect of biome generation changes, but that does not mean that EMC will sync up with the changes. Until we get a stable Release Candidate from the Bukkit team for 1.2, we have no definitive answers. Of course, everything will be tested prior to launch and prompt notification will be given to the community prior to any action being taken in regards to this matter.

    2) You should be fine to wait, especially with the potential wild reset for a while. It is best to be cautious and remove anything valuable prior to the 1.2 update to the server, as problems can and do arise with unfamiliar and new code.

    ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.... Prepare in a manner suitable to your level of acceptable risk.
  18. The perfect statement =)
  19. Good, thanks for the answer.

    Shame that I had found a nice spot to build :(

    I'll do it tomorrow,thanks!