Minecraft 1.2.5 First released as a snapshot - No date determined.

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  1. 1.2.5 Prepped as Snapshot First

    Modders are getting some advance warning in regards to the upcoming 1.2.5 update. Jeb stated today that the 1.2.5 update is being prepared soon, but will be released as a snapshot first, to give modders some time to get their projects ready, as well as allowing for Bukkit updates to be released simultaneously. A proper Mod API is on the way for the next major update, but Mojang is definitely trying to make sure the modding community stays in the loop while they get it ready. While there was no set date for 1.2.5 snapshot's availability, it would seem to be well on its way, and expected in the very near future.

    Community-made mods are a huge draw for Minecraft, as they allow for a broad range of customization for the sandbox game, covering the spectrum from subtle to "total overhaul"-scale projects. Mojang is definitely making strides to make the modding process easier on programmers and players alike, and while we cannot yet reveal the specifics on the API, we can say that it's definitely something to be excited about. Keep an eye out for updates!
    - minecraftforum.net
  2. Dont you ever stop looking for news?

    Btw,AWSOME!Finnaly a Mod API
  3. Haha no I do not. I am a Minecraft fan and I love to be the first to post it. ;)
    I am checking minecraftforum.net and mojang.com at minimum 10 times a day. haha
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  4. do u know what it is going to be? just bug fixes maybe?
  5. I do not know... I just copy and pasted from minecraftforum.net :)
  6. Good thing they're giving modders a head up this time. I just got most of my mods up to speed with 1.2.4. I'll go nuts if I have to give them up again so soon to wait for more updates, lol.
  7. lol... man i cant wait for 1.3 :( I just got ControlPack updated... playing w/o autorun makes me pull my hair out.
  8. If I hang myself who is going to run EMC?
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  9. lol only jesus could keep up with ur programming:)
  10. lol

    I joke of course, I love that the game is still actively developed. It is just so much work for me when they update :/
  11. i can tell u like the game and in return it has made others LOVE the game and server. also there has been an update like every weekend lol
  12. i hope 1.2.5 has stairs and slabs in the new wood in it *crosses fingers and hopes*
  13. I hate this updating as some mod authors keep breaking there own darn mods... Looking at you bspkrs and your StatusEffectsHUD ;)
    I am glad that they are finally taking into account the modding community and once an endorsed official API is introduced, modding may explode even more with the guarantee that others work wont be destroyed so quickly. :)
    I can't wait much longer for the official MOD API :D
  14. Well, if one gets creative, it could be construed that you would simply be hanging upside down from your legs (like from a bar of some sort), and therefore you would still be running EMC, only taking the monkey part of "code monkey" a little too seriously. :p

    Bad joke is bad, I know. :cool:

    Now, I thought they had stated that there wouldn't be any more updates until 1.3 after 1.2.4 was released. I call shenanigans.
  15. They stated there would be no more updates until 1.3 but that there would be Snapshots... So they misled us and now are going to do a snapshot of 1.2.5 before they release 1.2.5. I agree, Shenanigans!
  16. They must have taken the guy from support and put him on developing.
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  17. You should tell them to do the work for you since they are updating so much =P xD