Minecraft 1.2.4 likely to arrive on Thursday. :)

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Twitch1, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. You read the title correctly... Jeb_ has stated on Twitter that 1.2.4 is likely to arrive on Thursday, 22 March 2012. :) He said it will just be bug fixes and minor new features.
    A photo of the tweet:

  2. Well, that's exciting :)
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  3. Really exciting!!!
  4. Don't get too excited over there..
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  5. I am calming down now.. it will be ok.

    False alarm everyone! I am ok! Less excited now..
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  6. Good..! Now back on topic :)
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  7. Hope that doesn't mean more server troubles -.-
  8. Word is that Justin is trying to fix some issues, but he is but one godly man, so don't count on mere mortals not to impede his work....
  9. and thus, with the sheer act of worship, the mortals dethroned the god.
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  10. Must be some good, much needed bug fixes to update so fast :)
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  11. "If you make God bleed, people will stop believing in him."
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  12. i hope minor means dramatic changes.....
  13. This is nice, although I am not jumping up and down, this does give the old Bukkit team a chance to prove themselves. So I am hopefully optimistic!
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  14. why you no reply to private convo? D: and won't bukkit have to make another craftbukkit? or just like add a little to the craftbukkit ..?
  15. i'm hoping the "safe spawn" bug where it places you in pools of lava instead of where you logged off is fixed, and also the HORRIBLE memory leak and thread lockup bug in the nether are fixed :/
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  16. so maybe the update will be delayed?
  17. Delay the wilderness reset cause I heard they fixing something :p and also whats up with the Nether lag? Anyone else getting this?
  18. As in??
  19. badly, im so scared of the nether currently :(

    you don't know how many times that disconnect>login inside of lava/void bug ive had last week. very frustrating.

    Nether lag eats up memory -> crash while in narrow tunnel -> login in lava -> RAGE
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