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  1. I have a few minecon questions.
    • Who here on EMC will be attending?
    • How much do the tickets cost?
    • Is it worth attending?
    • What events occur at minecon?
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  2. In the past, Minecon tickets have costed around $99 + gate price, which adds even more, so around $139 (pricey huh?). It's in Orlando, and if you want a flashy cape that shows you attended, as well as possibly meet some famous YouTubers, then you should go.
  3. I was debating going.. It should be at disney wurld \o3o/ :p
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  4. It is at Disney
  5. Omg yush.
  6. I will forever stalk you if you go.
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  7. I'm easy enough to find... lol

    But uh yeah. I'd love to go and meet other people from emc \o3o/
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  8. I'm going.. :D
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  9. Don't be silly, they'll never let a pig past the front gate.
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  10. Pffft, I can give them bacon. It's all good.
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  11. lucky pig :p
    my family could not afford to go :(
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  12. It's either going to be a 10 hour drive ;_; or a 3 hour flight. :D

    It'll be hard decision, money wise, plus hotel fees, food, etc. I've been saving for a while and I hopefully have enough to go! :D
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  13. It's not at Disney? It is at the Orange county convention center. And the staff are planning for a lot of us to go. I know superdog 93 and myself will be going
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  14. VITIRI is going I know that.. he wants me to go too. but I'm poor I don't have the money for that.
  15. I'll be looking for your nametag! :p

    Will I be looking for "SassySmooch"? Or "ISMOOCH"? ;)
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  16. Im going to try to go but idk
  17. I wish I could go but to fly from the uk and get a hotel room will cost a fortune, not to mention I'm only 16
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  18. I really want to go, but cant, I really want dat cape...
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  19. I really hope I can come, and if I do, Ill wear a "Cordial_Pie" Name tag.
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  20. wait, to get a cape, do you have to like, write your name down? or login or something? if its the first one, you should like totally write my name down ;)
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