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  1. Hey guys, I thought I'd post this to ask who all is going to Minecon this year. If you didn't know, Minecon is in Disneyland Paris on November 24-25th this year and I am going. I just thought some of the EMC members could meet each other in real life. If any of you are going PM me and we could figure out a Time and a place to meet up. That's pretty much everything I had to say. See you guys at Minecon hopefully! :)

    Thanks! --VITIRI
  2. Thats on my birthday :D
    But my family wont fly me to Paris.
    Wish I could go.
    Ill just wait until its here in America again.
    Make sure you post some awesome pics.
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  3. I might go, but it's during school time for me :( But my brother wants to go, I want to go, and so does my sister. My mum doesn't play games unless its sims or flash games, my dad likes his FPSes and Atari games but hates on Minecraft (Don't know why :p) and I got my brother and sister into it.

    So let me tell you something:
    I hate being a minor :)
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  4. I wish. My parents would think I'm crazy if I asked them to take me to Paris for a convention. I wish I could go. Plus, I don't think my parents want me meeting a bunch of strangers. I think you are probably all pretty nice in real life.
  5. The tickets for MineCon aren't being sold yet. So I guess its a 100% chance that I'm going, but as soon as tickets become available, I'm buying them right away.
  6. There's exactly 0 chance I'll be going to MineCon 2012. If my parents can get over the fact that they hate it (they refer to it as the M-word) (for no reason), and are willing to fly me to the event city for 3-4 days and go to Minecon, which would be like Defcon to them, I'll go. If it's in America. If it's in my city in the future, I might be able to go if I work my tail off...

    EDIT: However minuscule the chances are, if Disney buys Mojang or part of MC, I quit Minecraft. It better not happen.

    EDIT x2: I was in Las Vegas 3 months after Minecon 2011. Sigh...
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  7. *Off topic* If Disney bought Minecraft, I would do two things.

    1. Get myself banned from EMC
    2. Blow up all of my SSP worlds and log off.

    *On topic* I cant go.
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  8. I hoped MineCon was in Netherlands, so I am not going....
  9. I highly doubt Disney would buy Minecraft.
  10. they brought

    Club Penguin
    They may never stop!!
  11. I really want to go! But I can't :(
  12. Toontown was Disney from the start if I'm correct... It was horrible when they bought Club Penguin. I cancelled my membership and never looked back.
  13. lol im on summer hols and got so bored i play toontown XD i was awesome on it (still am ;))
  14. Who owned club penguin before Disney?
    If Disney bought minecraft,
    I'd say some very naughty words.
    And probably blow up my computer(s)

    If Disney did buy minecraft, it better stay the same,
    or get better, but I doubt Disney would make it any better.
    Disney would just make it worse, Disney ruins about
    everything it touches.
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  15. This is just silly... I want to why anyone would think Disney would buy Minecraft
  16. yeah its not a disney thing, and they cant handle something this big considering how EMC is this big disney dont like that
  17. I'm not saying Disney will ask to buy Minecraft, but IF they did make a big enough offer to Mojang I'm not sure of Mojang would turn down the offer. If Disney sees a good investment in Minecratf they will make a huge offer.