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  1. Hey all,

    I found an app with the name MineChat, with that you can connect to a Minecraft server with you Phone. But only chat. Would it be allowed?
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  2. Yes. It's been requested before, and approved.

    However, please buy it... the spammy message when you login with it on the free version is really annoying >_>
  3. Loads of people use it and someone's approved it :p I use it too afk my alts on utopia so it dosent lag out my comp:p
    Only problem with it is that if you don't pay for the app, it spams chat with "user has joined using minechat on an iPhone" or something like that. And when you lock your iPhone/iPad/iPod it logs you out an when you rejoin it says it again.

    And me and jack hate it. ;p
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  4. Well, got some money left so I'll just buy it I think.
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  5. so if i pay for it it doesnt log me out and i can let my alt afk with it?
  6. If it does I'm so starting to afk again...
  7. Paying for it just dosent spam chat. Free or not you can afk with it