Minechat Advertising?

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Do you want EMC to advertise on Minechat?

YES!! 1 vote(s) 25.0%
Maybe =] 2 vote(s) 50.0%
NO!! 1 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. I was on Minechat today and saw an alert
    saying you can advertise servers
    on Minechat.

    If you have used Minechat before you might have realized
    it has promoted/featured server list.
    It only costs $250 to get a server
    on the featured server list
    for a month!

    This is very cheap if you ask me. Also Lots of Minecraft
    players use Minechat. The next date for an available
    slot for advertising is on March 1st 2015.
    Also only 2 servers are advertised at
    the moment so its not like there
    are 20 servers advertised or
    something like that.

    Also EMC needs supporters for things like this
    and other in-game things so support
    the Empire please :)

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  2. Sorry for sloppy typing
  3. I remember raising this to Aikar a few months ago, but I think he said it wasn't very plausible. I can't for the life of me remember why though :(
  4. The way that works though, is that they list out the server and you can click on it to chat on it. But why in the name of everything would you want to join EMC and just talk in the tutorial..? You can't really do anything on EMC without being on a computer and able to walk around and do things, so really it just makes no sense why you'd want new players to join on their phone and talk when they have no idea wtf is happening.
  5. I don't know would it be a waste? $250 for one month that looks EXPENSIVE.
  6. It isn't really because the traffic that it gets would sort of be worth $250 if only that traffic was able to actually play EMC instead of just log in, chat for a few minutes, and leave. Minechat would just really be a horrible way to get retention members.
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  7. Yeah, seems he'd be better off paying to be at the top of all the voting sites we already use.
    Right now those ads are taken by servers such as "funcraft," "oppvp," and "sexycraft."
    If they're getting people to join, surely we can pull it off.