Minecarts Between Residences

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  1. So I play with a friend and I've been trying to make a minecart circuit that goes between our residences. I've been building a ramp off which the minecart falls and lands nearly in my friend's property, but have not actually gotten it to land on the rail; it is short by about half a block. Any ideas?
  2. From what I have tested, Minecarts are not capable of travelling more than 3.7~ blocks, assuming there are limits to the size of your contraption. The one time I could make the gap was when the minecart fell more than 50 blocks, using countless powered minecart rails.
  3. Use pistons to push the rails in.
  4. haha, let us know if this works out for you, and tell us what residence because i would love to see it in action!
  5. I tried to use pistons already, but it seems like the server prevents the piston from operating if it will push onto the non-residence area.
  6. Wouldn't it be easier to ask Justin if it were possible that in the future we might be able to "link" residences, which then would enable building in between them (starting at a certain height so as not to get in the way to the street)?
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  7. actually, that is a good idea, but i would say to make it below ground, below bedrock. then each house had a small stop and hole to get in. or they could raise the height limit, but building isnt allowed up high, and its high enough that even with the far mode on, yo ucant see it. only the towers to get to it.