Minecart needs 'Use' permission to place and ride - when did this change?

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  1. As per the title, when did the rules for Minecarts change? It's gimped my shopping trolley on 10199 on SMP5. :(

    Some chap tried to place one and said it told him he needed the 'Use' flag, and then couldn't get in one which I had placed.
  2. That's a pretty bad change - It needs to be reverted, you shouldn't be able to destroy a minecart but you should be able to place one and use one on someones residence and possible (If coding allows) you can only break your own minecarts
  3. Yes please I have an amusement park and I don't want to give use permission to all the guests.
  4. Lol, Aikar just put it in in place the last few days to prevent minecart theft.
  5. Well, with the new automation features, this makes sense. I've got chest mine carts chock full of goodies in my new smelter, but they are secured with doors because I was not aware of the change. I would be happy if we just needed perms to break them, though.
  6. I can't break my boat near Spawn now either.
  7. Not 100% sure, but I think that it's possible to place minecarts under access signs.
  8. *Facepalm*

    It's just about finding the balance I guess. It's not the breaking we have an issue with (Although it will lead to clogging up of railways in the end) but it's more the fact that people can't place or even ride in them just now.

    If we could at least get it changed so people can ride in them, that'd probably solve most issues.
  9. Nope. I looked into it yesterday.

    As mentioned, it was put in place due to the update - and also there were a few folks complaining about their carts being stolen. Personally, I think you should lock everything up :D
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  10. this will be improved, but we had to add a pretty quick implementation to secure residences from all the abuse potential 1.5 added (for example, hopper minecarts robbing chests, diamond members blowing up others res with tnt minecarts... etc)

    please be patient.
  11. Dem dispenser cannons eh?

    And you can also destroy a minecart on a residence I believe.
  12. Dispensers can't fire TNT minecarts on EMC. :p
  13. Rgr! Just searched and couldn't find anything, so was looking for more info. Thanks!
  14. No, if another diamond supporter had TNT in use, you could make a TNT cannon, you need to get back on PvP sir. You are missing a lot with the latest minecraft cannons. I could blow up a 1000x1000 perimeter if I wanted to do it, and the people had the TNT perms on... (Not saying I would) :D
  15. umm are you sure because dispeners can shoot out minecarts.
  16. Yes. It's disabled on EMC.
  17. oh.
  18. Aikar is working on forum code for a new program we are instituting, called instaban. So if you say anything that is a potential grief threat you will be instantly banned. It's an extension of SYSTEM.

    I am totally full of craap by the way. :D

  19. No. No. No. >: (

    Literally or?...
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