Minecart Activator Tracks

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  1. So I took a quick look at the wiki and searched for this for too, and did not find anything relating to it.

    Say I want to make a rollercoaster, but I don't want to go from ground level to bedrock and back again.

    If activator tracks could activate teleport/message signs it'd be a lot easier and fun to!

    Now, this would only activate when a player entity in a minecart rides over an activator track, and would teleport the player AND cart to the location, which hopefully is another part of the track and not a pit fall.

    Tell me what you think! :D
  2. Aikar may something totally different here, but as far as I know, teleporting players who are riding a vehicle.. can result in some crazy things. This is not me saying its impossible.. just that, that particular function could be tricky.
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  3. How so? :confused:
  4. Its minecraft... It looks at you and your minecart as two separate entities. So, if a teleport is activated, it is aimed at you. You then have to force minecraft to look at the minecart too, then tell it to go where you are going, and that you will still be riding it. A simple teleport is just saying 'move entity 1 to this exact coordinate'. a teleportion command including a minecart would be 'move entity 1 to this exact coordinate, then move entity 2 to this is exact coordinate, then, make entity 1 ride entity 2' and THEN because it is a minecart, you would have to reapply the physics to it, otherwise.. you would teleport a minecart and just be sitting there.. hanging out.
  5. Hm
    I guess I understand...
    Though if a work around could be found still it'd be pretty cool :p
  6. try getting it a boat and using /home :D
  7. Oh, I am far from saying it is impossible, because above is basically the pseduocode that would be needed to make it happen. Thing is, I do not personally know if the teleport system already in place, is equipped to handle other additional entities, or take into effect their current phsyics... Not saying it couldnt be added, just trying to help you understand that something that seems like it would be easy to do, could really mountain up to quite the chore.
  8. Technically you can do this ... if your minecart lands on a pressure plate with a tp sign then it will teleport you to a certain location. And if you put a teleport 1 block above a track then the cart can go on the track :) Hope this helps!
  9. Thanks WeirdManaico! I could not go in game to test this, because I am at work D:, but I was wondering if RTS already supported entities. But knowing this, yeah, there are ways to 'make' it happen. I would just always make sure if you are wanting the minecart to continue rolling, to be sure to land on a slant.